Bahamonde was inaugurated in November of 2012, by Sonia Bahamonde, a history decoration professor with over 10 years of experience, in addition to managing his own decoration agency and interior architecture projects. It was created with the purpose of doing an arts decoratifs store from the first half of the 20th century, the avant-garde creative works since 1900 until 1950. Objects that represent the rupture between the traditional 19th century bourgeois and the new century. The innovative Viennese workshop continued by the elegant French art deco in the 20’ and 30’ followed by the groundbreaking designs of the Bauhaus German school with high quality pieces carefully chosen for their design and history.

The venetian Murano glass worked by glass masters such as Barovier or Alberto Donna, handmade with secret techniques from centuries ago, French porcelain and ceramic by Verceram or Accolay, the wonderful Baccarat glass, of extraordinary transparency and pureness.

It is the time to buy and keep, that is the real environmentalism, the green day and not the Black Friday, the moment to value the work well done and the timeless creations of the artisans. A place to find pieces to enjoy in a world where trends change but good taste remains in unique pieces.